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March 2023
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Why Your Business Needs a Leadership Team
Why do you need a leadership team? Just because you’re the owner shouldn’t mean you have to do all the leading. And even if you’re really good at it, more heads are always better than one.

Besides, like it or not, there’s no way you as one person can provide better leadership than a small group of hand-selected, committed, smart, and inspiring managers whose skills and knowledge compliment

We advise most every small business owner we coach to build a leadership team, aka management team.

Even small businesses need a leadership team. Like org charts (see last month’s blogpost), you may view a leadership team as one of those corporate-sounding activities that isn’t really necessary in the world of small business. But a leadership team frees you to do the deep thinking that’s so necessary to the success of your business. The owner of a company should be focused on the organization as it will be in the future. If you’re not looking at your business’ future, you can be sure no one else is. And the only way you can be free to do this is if you have a team of leaders who are equipped with the skills and empowered with the authority to run your business.

How to build your leadership team? Four factors generally play into how many people you put on your leadership team and how you structure it:

  1. The size of your company
  2. The service or product you provide
  3. How your lines of business are organized and
  4. The amount of time the owner wants to spend on the business

When we say ‘build your leadership team,’ we mean for you to select and put in place a team of no more than 4-6 strong leaders who function as decision-makers and strategizers for a large portion or unit of your business.

Aim for your leadership team to be about 20% of your total employee size, up to around here to read more.
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