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My name is Brad Justus from Inspire Results Business Coaching.  We are passionate about helping business owners and leaders help improve their profit, culture, and teams by meeting you where you most need it.

Every quarter, we host a Growth Plan Workshop for our clients and other business owners to help them create a Single Sheet Business Plan that focuses on both the long and short-term goals. Many owners and leaders struggle with the daily “fire fighting” and have limited time to proactively plan for future growth, process improvement, or ways to increase profit.  This day is perfect to help get you out of the daily fires and focus on the big picture! We help you think about where you want your business to be over specific time frames and walk you through how to plan this out, ensuring your actions today will lead to the success you desire in the future. 

We have all made decisions that seem right at the time, but don’t always work in the long run. Decisions like these cost the company money and tend to hold us back from achieving our potential.   By having this plan, you ensure the decisions you make are driving the business toward stated goals while improving your profitability and developing your team.

If you have any interest in this, I invite you to attend this next session for free.  If you are unsure about attending, can we set up a call to see if this would be helpful for you? 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Brad Justus
Inspire Results Business Coach


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