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May 2022
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Managing Day to Day Details
Are you having trouble managing the day to day details?

  • Did the start of 2022 bring you a whole new set of problems?
  • Because of short staffing, have you absorbed the work of your open positions?

Disorganized systems are the #1 reason that businesses fail to thrive or worse--shut down.
Yet 80% or more of what’s done in your business can be systemized, made into routines.

Indy pit car teams routinely change 4 tires, refuel, and check the front wing in 12 seconds flat! How do they get a car out of the pit error-free and at the speed of light every time?

They have systems. They have easily repeatable processes for managing day to day details.

You can improve your processes and make them replicable so that anyone at anytime can do them flawlessly—and you’ll stop wasting time and money. Your team’s performance will be so high that everything gets done the way you want—even when you aren’t there.

Anyone who follows the Indy500 knows that a driver is only as good as his team. You may be the person behind the wheel of your company, but you rely, or at least you should, on a network of individuals for managing day to day details.

However, it’s not enough to simply throw a group of people together, tell them what you need from them and hope it all works out. As the driver of your business, it’s up to you to make sure the repeatable processes and a refined routine are documented and communicated. (And you can delegate this to the employee who’s actually doing the job).

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to learn what processes can be made into routines to help you manage your day to day details.

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