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August 2022
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One Way Business Coaching Companies Help
When you’re running a company it’s easy to drown in the day-to-day details! That’s where business coaching companies can help.

Do you accomplish your highest priority task each week? Each month?

Do you know what your highest priority task is each week? Month? Quarter?

As your business grows and you begin to hire more people, how do you know they each know where you’re taking the business and how you plan to get there?

The Single Sheet Business Plan gives you, and everyone on your team, a line of sight from your 30-year vision all the way through to the actions necessary in 5 years, next year, next quarter, and today—so you can all always be driving toward that vision and move fast doing it.

You’re not running a multi-billion dollar company so you don’t need a multi-page plan. You can get your plan all on 1 sheet of paper. Business coaching companies can help you create your Single Sheet Business Plan. The SSBP enables your team to get on board and pull their oars in the same direction. It provides a line of sight between your long-term goals and the actions that you and each person on your team needs to take to accomplish them.

For more on SSBP and to download our free SSBP template, click here.

Upcoming Events
Growth Plan Workshop

September 29th, 2022    
Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport
8555 Stansted Rd, Indianapolis, In 46241

9 am - 3 pm

Discover the potential in your business by completing your Single Sheet Business Plan.  Then break it into quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily goals and get a line-of-sight from your daily tasks to your 10-30 year purpose.  Step out of the day-to-day business for just 1 day, get organized, complete a prescribed planning process, and walk away with an action plan that leads to greater profits and free time back.

For owners & leaders of small to medium sized businesses. Bring your 2nd-in-command or your whole leadership team!
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“I contracted with Inspire Results Business Coaching in June of 2012 in effort to develop my “Why”, a strategic sustainable business plan, refine my management skills, and cultivate new ideas for continued growth of my company. Mission accomplished!  During this effort I found that Roger and Susie go beyond all my expectations and they truly partnered with me and my business. Their Christian values and character have richly blessed and influenced me. Thank you, Roger and Susie Engelau.”

David K. Stillinger
Hancock County Coroner
Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” - Alan Lakein
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