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April 2022
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Overcoming Negative Meetings
Do you have trouble overcoming negativity in the meetings you run?

- Do the meetings you run often go down the “Negative Meeting Rabbit Hole?

- Are your employees great at pointing out why ideas and suggestions won’t work?

- Are you frustrated, hesitant to run any more meetings for your small business?

Overcoming negative meetings is tough and it falls on your shoulders when you’re the business owner and meeting leader! Meetings can quickly go down the “negative meetings rabbit hole.” That’s when you and your employees let negative thoughts thwart your team meetings. This is when you can’t get past the “why this won’t work” comments with every suggestion that’s brought to the table.

As the owner and business leader, it’s your responsibility to stop your meetings from heading down that miserable path! Negative meetings can take on a life of their own if not turned around at the beginning of the meeting. So it’s vital that you get ahead of anything negative before it spirals and escalates.

That is what leaders do. They find a way to open up a constraint. Just a little bit at first. They find a ladder to climb over a roadblock or seek a path around it or under it. They’re not shackled by doubts and fears but face them boldly. Good leaders simply don’t allow negative meetings to happen and when they start, they turn them around quickly.

    Click here for 6 ways to get good at overcoming the negativity in your meetings.
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