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January 2023
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How an Org Chart Can Help
Your Business

Does My Small Business Really Need an Org Chart?

An org chart can help your business if you:

  • Are pulled in a hundred different directions each day
  • Have holes, waste, or redundancies in your processes
  • May need a bank loan or line of credit
  • Sense dissatisfaction among any employees or key leaders

At first thought, an org chart seems a time-consuming and unnecessary exercise for small business but, the org chart is one of those big corporate tools that actually does help us smaller guys.

An org chart can help you, your employees, and your business. For you, your name is probably in more than just the top central box. It’s helpful to know which boxes your name is in so you can plan for how to get your name out of multiple boxes.

For your employees, everyone wants to know where they fit in and many want to know where they can go… the org chart shows them exactly.

For your organization, an org chart exposes process issues. And since the organization’s structure is ever-changing, you can use a “Future-focused org chart” to meet forecasted growth and strategy needs to predict what positions you’ll need to hire and when.

Look into the benefits in more detail here
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